A Legacy of Gaming

Top Fun Games loves the gaming world, as any industry leader does. Our love for online slot machines and mobile games is unparalleled, and our history has delivered a unique perspective of the gaming world.

Rising from humble beginnings, we’ve utilized a collection of classic slots. Our goal is to deliver great gaming experiences and have thus enjoyed the classic three-reel design seen in most slots. With single pay-lines and simple symbols too, these slot machines are found across many, popular sites – visit website for more.

Small Locations and Quick Beginnings

My name is Dewey Garner. Together with my three partners, Bradley Indell, Ingo Chadwick and Jessica Stultz, creating the site has been an excellent experience. I remember a July weekend in 2009: Our garage-room had been played out, and Ingo had presented a unique idea. Again, the mobile and online slot gaming industry has risen exponentially and facilitating further growth simply required us to “join the other giants” across the industry.

Mission and Goals

Our friends, neighbours and family friends assisted our vision, and our site was completed by October 2010. Our unique and personal approach to the industry has aided our vision, and our four-person setup has expanded to reach a collection of like-minded individuals.

I feel mobile slot games should be accessible, and I want users to be at ease when playing them. Remembering my old, three-slot garage slot machine, Bradley Indell supposed a similar construction. Online slot games should be simple, but not easy. As far as online slot machines go, we’ve all agreed upon the wonderful format Top Fun Games has captured and we’re ready to show the industry what accessibility is.

As far as digital payments, online instruction manuals and game-type selections go, the same rules seemingly apply. When establishing the site, I’d reasoned several times with my partners. Over and over again, we’ve realized a beautiful pattern within the industry. Gamers will always flock towards accessible exciting games. These words have been said before, and their wisdom will hold true within the future:

“If you build it, they will come”