The Online Gaming World

Online gaming is expanding and mobile platforms have taken the helm. Many online slots and mobile slot games have featured a variety of common television and movie tropes while incorporating many, unique, experiences. While showcasing a variety of play-through, spin advancements, showcases and match-up options, online and mobile slot games have incorporated several unseen elements to spike information, interest and entertainment throughout the industry.

A Short History


Mechanical slots were created by Charles Fey and were instilled in 1985. These interesting facts may benefit one’s personal understanding:

  • Original slot machines were called Liberty Bells

  • Original machines utilized a diamond, spade and heart symbol layout

  • Original slot machine demand was much higher than supply

Arcade Manufacturers and the Future of Slot Machines

Herbert Mills was an arcade builder and machine manufacturer; he worked on the Operator Bell. The Operator Bell was similar to Liberty Bell slot machines, though they offered more symbols, like fruits. The mechanics created the following system:

  • A coin is inserted, and the player pulls the machine’s lever

  • The lever spins the machine’s reels

  • The symbols are spun, and matching symbols create a “jackpot” for players

  • Players are paid in coins

The Rise of Mobile Slot Games

Understandably, popular games like slot machines have been adapted to mobile technology. Individuals love fun and excitement, and accessibility is always a factor pursued by leading developers. Many casinos offer incredibly vibrant atmospheres, exciting games and unique experiences, but quality software can bring slot games to homebodies, like Canadian online casinos. With quick cash-outs, reliable customer service and customizable interfaces, mobile slot games have been a huge hit.
Mobile-based consumers look for a variety of features within the mobile slot gaming industry, and the following features are considered “chief” virtues of any online distributer:

  • Quick pay-outs

  • Realistic graphics

  • Stereo sound

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Ease-of-access

The Future of Games

In Australia, Online Slots are referred to as Online pokies. The best online slot games offer many currency options, language and bonus offers. Before joining the mysterious, exciting and incredibly-accessible realm of online and mobile slot games, be sure to research the many available games. Every game is different; every game offers a wealth of winning opportunities, and each selection offers new, inspiring, opportunities.